9:45am- Eggs & Beans

2:00pm- Ham Sandwich

8:00pm- 6inch sub & lays

no cardio today but cardio tomorrow! :D

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Woke up @ 1:00pm

1:30pm- Chorrizo & beans

2:10pm- 30min cardio

5:00pm- Work

7:00pm- Half sized Wendy’s berry and almond salad & 2 m&ms cookies

12:20am- Slice Pizza

1:15am- Bed Time

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Become What You Want: Anyone starting weight over 200? I need more people around my size to follow! Reblog if you are, so we can all stick...









Started around 210, now down to 130 and going!

I started two pounds from 200.

Exactly 200.

Started at 230 in the…

Starting with 230lbs as well

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I’m thinking about taking a hCG shots. I’m not so positive yet. I did the research and all that fun jazz. But I want your opinion.

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How I roll on a daily basis.

How I roll on a daily basis.


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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

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My laptop died on me. So I had to buy a new one. No progress because of my depression I have had. But now I say, Fuck that shit! Time to really care about my body!

So lets push the restart button.


11:30am- Beans&Eggs

1:45pm- Bowl of Cinnamon toast crunch

4:00pm- 30min cardio

currently 5:11pm plan to eat Beans,rice & steak before 6:00pm

plan at 7:00pm other 30min cardio


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Yesterdays Weigh in day

okay guys

I’ll be honest with you

I lost my motivation, there is no excuse to be lazy like how I have been.

Don’t know what exactly happened but I need to get back on my goal.

Even if it is getting to 160, I don’t care I just need this. I need my motivation back.

I have to keep doing this, I am so sorry to let you guys down, to let me down.

Anyways, yesterday I weighed in at 232. Gained, no surprise there.

I really am sorry guys, I will get back on it, I promised.

I feel so embarrassed =[

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What 300 Calories really look like


What 300 Calories really look like

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